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Terracotta generally refers to baked the products that are built in soil. - Terra means mud, and cotta means to bake.

The mud of the highest quality is baked in 1100C or higher temperature. the material is extruded and formed to create the environmentally friendly products that conveys the warm and natural texture of mud. This can be worked in various forms and colors, making it a fully qualified product for the exterior walls of buildings. Especially, the soft and subtle expression on the surface of the mud material gives a stabilized and classy atmosphere to the space. 

Environment Friendly

· The product is made without using chemicals harmful to our body. It is made of 100% pure mud, in order to         realize a healthy construction environment.

· It makes it possible to perform the modification works easily, by using the existing structures.


· Due to the Open Joint design, the product does not require coking to make a perfect installation.

· Due to the dry installation method, it is possible to use the product regardless of the season.

· It makes it possible to perform the modification works easily, by using the existing structures.


· By using pure mud, this produce provides good colors and texture. Not only the natural landscaping but also the     urban landscapes can be enhanced by the harmonious quality of the material.

· It goes well with other construction materials such as metal or concrete, so that it will reduce the coldness or         bleakness of the artificial constructions.

· For exterior wall of the building, as well as the border walls and sound absorbing walls, out product provides         various colors and designs.


· Each unit can be detached, making it easier to maintain.

· The Open Joint method used on the product is free  of contamination due to coking.

· Semi-permanent operation and management can be possible.


· The mud material is processed with high technology to convey the touch of stone materials.

· The product is plastic, making it highly durable (resistance against discoloring or distortion). Also, the product          induces circulation of the air through the dual wall structure, keeping the building well protected against the            radiation heat during the summer season.

· The material is non- conbustible. It slows down the progress of the heat during a fire and prevents the fire from      spreading.


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