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Aluminum Compisite

Compisite panels are the materials of a sandwich structure, where two separate sheets of aluminum coils are joined by a low-density material in the middle. The flatness, weight, work-ability, color, and condensation issues are improved with this new interior and exterior material, which provides a superb level of heat and sound insulation.

Fire- Resistance

High fire-resistance with a large quantity of inorganic materials charged in.

Heat insulation effect by blocking the UV rays

The product provides heat insulation effect by deflecting the UV rays.

Electric insulation

The product is electrically insulated, making it difficult for contaminants or dusts to adhere onto the surface.

Superior flatness

Through tension leveling and continuous laminating process, the 0.5mm aluminum alloy skin and non-combustible inorganic core are glued/joined to achieve perfect flatness.


Cutting, bending, routing, grooving, and any other type of works available on aluminum processing equipment as well as normal machining tools can be performed in the same manner with the existing processes.



Surface hardness

Max. available width

Max. available length



Painting certification


30Colors, Custom color available


3H or higher

1050, 1250, 1575mm

5m. custom length available

3t, 4t, 6t

Unience, Daemyeong Hwasung, and others


2F type PVDF 2coat

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