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Lumiflon Painting 

Mitsubishi Plastics

ECCA (European), AAMA (USA)

Non- conbustible, semi-non- conbustible

0 -80% (custom settings)

3F type FEVE 2 coats

30㎛ ± 5㎛


Paint certification

Fire resistance



Coat thickness

Chemical resistance and weather resistance of lumiflon (Feve)

① Excellent Color Uniformity

② Impact Resistance

Excellent color uniformity

The coil coating process leads to absolute uniformity in colors, and the surface is free of grains (directional pattern).

The 3F family, FEVE, and lumiflon coating method is manufactured through the continuous paint coating process, which provides for better uniformity, due to the die-coating method.

The Die Coating method, which was developed by Mitsubishi Plastics (MPI) This Up-Graded provides for a finer and smoother surface quality. And, the ALPOLIC/fr coating line uses its original die-coating method. The roll coating method is widely used in the aluminum coating industry. However, Mitsubishi Plastics (MPI) developed the die-coating method, which can be applied on to the surface of aluminum directly. And, due to the absence of the grain line that is visible on the surface, it is possible to achieve a finer and smoother surface coating.



EYE FILMMUSEUM(아이 필름뮤지엄) 위치 암스테르담 네덜란드, Sparkling White (2)
EYE FILMMUSEUM(아이 필름뮤지엄) 위치 암스테르담 네덜란드, Sparkling White
Burj Al Arab Hotel(버즈알아랍호텔) 위치  두바이 아랍에미레이트 White, SCM
Marina Bay Sands Resort(마리나 베이샌즈 리조트) 위치 싱가포르 Silver Metalic, White, SCM
Mahler 4 office Tower 위치 암스테르담 네덜란드 White Metalic
국립 도서관 싱가포르
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