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Semi-non-conbustible high density wood panel

The exterior material of new paradigm to help the architects to unfold their creative idea with more freedom.

m.look is the new product of Fundermax, a company that is globally renowned for construction materials. This new product, which is the combination of the years of know-how and the latest material technology, provides the diversity in design which was available with the preceding products that are combined with the minerals and reinforced glass fiber, ensuring safety and durability at the same time. This innovative product is easy to work on and divers in terms of the designs, making it available for various purposes. Also, as it was designed to withstand harsh exterior conditions, it can easily withstand the changing weathers, physical impacts, and discoloring due to light. Also, the product is strong against contamination and easy to clean, which will help maintain the value of the building for a long time. m.look is the next generation exterior panel that will increase the options for your choices in accordance with the latest architectural trends.


With various colors and patterns, the products go well along with any type of buildings. And, the wide panels will allow making various vertical surface designs.

Fire resistance

The existing compact panels were vulnerable when exposed to fire. For this reason, they could not be used in public facilities such as hospitals, schools, or theatres, and high-rise buildings. However, m.look is built mainly of non-conbustible natural minerals, making the products much safer in case of a fire.


The product can be applied on a non-load-bearing basis on any kind of surface of the building. And, as the time taken in installing the scaffolding is shorter, it is possible to save the time and money.


The rainwater flowing in from outside easily goes out through the ventilation path between the heat insulator and the panel. And, the moisture generated inside the building is naturally evaporated through the ventilation path, making it easier to maintain the comfortable humidity level inside the building.

Heat insulation

The air pocket between the heat insulator and the panel traps the energy that tries to get out of the building, making it an ideal product for heat preservation of the building.

Acoustic properties: Depending on the heat insulation thickness and the dimension of the panel, the product can block up to 14dB of noise.


Panel Size

Length: Max. 3660mm

Width: Max. 1630mm


Outdoor Use

7mm (exterior wall)

9mm / 12mm (for balcony, stairs, and guardrails, etc.)

Indoor use

8mm (Interior wall)

9mm / 12mm (for balcony, stairs, and guardrails, etc.)

Physical Properties

Density: 1.9g cm3

The lowest smoke generation grade and non-Conbustibility grade as per EN 13501-1 (European Standard), No-flame generation grade

Satisfied the requirements in EN 438 on heat resistance/cold resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance, and surface resistance


Use rivet or screw bolts to fix on metal components

Max. fixation span: 800mm


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