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ZIP System

ZIP system is the exterior waterproofing system that connects eaves to eaves with a single sheet material without joining, blocking water and contaminants completely. The installation work is performed including the sound proofing and sound absorption works as an integrated process. And, the construction period is also reduced, making the material applicable to various projects, including new buildings or remodeling of existing buildings. Aluminum, steel, copper, titan-zinc, or other materials can be used with this product, making it possible to realize a unique appearance of the building. Based on multiple colors and materials, the product provides superb durability and workability, making it possible to realize various designs.

Water proofing system

‧ As the product is installed as an aluminum standing seam type, the external fixtures do not have screws. Therefore, there is     no risk of water leakage below.

‧ As for the thermal expansion of the exterior material, the roof itself is free of any screws, making it impossible to have any         leakages on the joinings.

Fixture system

‧ Clip + thermal insulation pad and PULIN are connected as a single structure. The entire roof is assembled as a whole,             making it a green roof system.

‧ The CLIP Head is expanded or shrunk according to the change in the external temperature.


‧ Depending on the material, the product can be used for 30 years to 100 years. And, this environmentally-friendly product can   be reused.

‧ The supporting length is short, and the resistance against the wind pressure is high. And, the product can respond to the           expansion and shrinking with flexibility.

Easy construction

‧ At the work site, it is possible to manufacture the product through forming works.

‧ The side of the flat material is sealed and finished using the automatic zipping machine, which can move back and forth. For     this reason, it is possible to complete the finishing work in a short time.

‧ The construction length can be more than 100m, and it is possible to construct with a single, continued plane, without any         holes or overlapping in the middle.

Easy maintenance

‧ With the zipping machines that can move back and forth, it is possible to dismantle a part of the entire structure, saving the       maintenance cost and time. 



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