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A technology developed through 10 years of research and testing for seamless flat metal roof material. Globally patented by ISCOM SPA.

Riverclack® is a very special roofing material, which is recognized for its patented technology developed through a decade of R&D.

Each part is designed to maximize the utilization of its function. And, the technical nature of each shows unique technical features. Riverclack® has been installed over a total area of 1 million square meters across the world, serving the requirements of the customers and the designers.


The seamless joining system, which does not require any sealants, provides complete water proofing even underwater.

The joining system

The finishing metal sheet is not directly fixed on the base sheet. Therefore, the product is not affected by the thermal expansion/shrinking. It is possible to install longer sheets of 10m or beyond.

Easy to tread on

Any part of the roof can be trodden upon with no worries of bending.

Easy installation

You don’t have to be an expert to install this product. The installation is quick and easy, without the need for precision measurement.

Free curvature

Depending on the structure of the base material of the roof, it is possible to form a curved surface of which the minimum radius is 25m. (As per 0.2mm aluminum sheet)



리버클락 시공사진
리버클락 시공사진
리버클락 시공사진
리버클락 시공사진
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