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A Polyceramic Painting

The A-polyceramic coating is a super nano material composed of silicone-nitrogen. The product is a totally improved nano-ceramic clear coating material which has an improved attachment property for the coat with the PVdF coating surface using polysilazane, a product of Clariant, Germany. As a result, our product provides permanent and high resistance against contamination, weather, and scratch.

Permanent resistance against contamination

The nano glass coat joins with the moisture in the air. As a result, it becomes a glass coat of a more compacted structure over time. The product provides its own hydrophilicity and resistance against contamination due to the nano particles.

Maximized weather resistance

The product is capable of blocking UV rays to provide a perfect protection for the PvdF coat, making the weather-resistance period longer.

High resistance against scratch

The dense nano glass coat maintains 3H or higher hardness level.

Flexible bending characteristics of the coat

Nano glass coat is, unlike crystal glass, flexible. So, the edge is not going to crack when bent.

Easy attachment of the sealant:

The resin itself is a complete ceramic (Si-N) material, it is superbly compatible with the coking sealant. As a result, the produce has a superb adhesion property.

Non- conbustibility

The coating resin is completely composed of inorganic ceramic, making the product non- combustible.



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