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Aluminum Zinc

This is a product with a surface of zinc. The two different materials of aluminum and zinc co-exist in this product. Through a patented process named Pegal, the aluminum beans are joined on the oxidized zinc surfaces. This product provides not only superb qualifies but also the individual strengths of aluminum and zinc at the same time.


The seasoned work skills, etc., have a long history of work experience with the traditional construction methods of Europe. Over 200 years, zinc has been used for the exterior and roofing of the buildings by many roofing technicians. This is self-evident in many buildings that are still standing today.


Such old buildings and the development of various construction designs made metallic materials a popular choice in modern architecture, providing the designers with variety in designs and characters in the appearance of the overall architecture.


The unique and well-composed appearance and senses of the modern metallic construction materials turned the flexible FalZinc into an ideal construction material which expresses the traditional and modern senses at the same time.


The fact that various forms can be realized means that the products can be used for roofing and exterior alike. With these advantages, FalZinc can be used in all stages of construction, from designing to finishing of buildings that require precision and geometric designs.


FalZinc is a material with light weight and classy appearance, which is optimized for designing and installation.


Superb installation efficiency and corrosion resistance

FalZinc has the ideal properties for precision metal working. For this reason, this material can be used in exterior environments with high precision.


Under a lower temperature, FalZinc can remain unaffected, making it possible to perform precision works with this material. As a result, the finished structure maintains environmentally-friendliness and persistent durability.


According to the BBA Certificate (08/4571), under normal natural environment, FalZinc can serve as long as 40 years as the exterior material of the building roof and walls.

Strengths and Colors

· No corrosion due to condensation below the sheet (because aluminum base metal is used)

· Light weight

· Easy to handle and install

· Installation with a higher level of workmanship through expert workers

· Prolonged corrosion resistance in extreme natural environments

· High residual values

· Environmentally-friendly material (well-poised for dismantling and reuse)


Production Standard

DIN EN 573-3

(European standard)





approx 100kg

(approx 90m)

Sheet thickness

Panel weight 600mm / 1m

Weight per M2











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