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Polyceramic painting

The polyceramic coating products are environmentally friendly ceramic painting materials which are based on Polysilazane, a product that improved the shortcomings of organic / inorganic compound paints or organic paints for general purposes. Polyceramic is a super-nano material which is composed of Si- and nitrogen (-azone). The basic structure of polyceramic has high adherence quality on all painting surfaces.

And, the product forms a coat which is in the form of highly stabilized glass coat, adding various features to the painted surface. One of the most well-known examples of such properties is the enhanced resistance against scratch, contamination, UV, and weather, which were not available with the existing painting materials. The core of this technology is the Micro-nano technology, which is used in various materials due to its functions and certified by NNi of USA. As a result, the product provides the surface and texture that are similar to the normal paints of organic polymer basis in the thinnest coating thickness. And, the product provides resistance against contamination with its own water-repellent capability, making it a popular choice as the exterior or interior products for the buildings or materials for airplanes, etc.

Corrosion prevention

The silicon nitrate coat fuses with the surface and permanently adhere to it. Therefore, unlike the organic/inorganic paints, the materials is not disintegrated by US rays or heat, making it highly corrosion resistant.

Non- conbustibility

The coat is composed of silicon nitrate, which does not burn at 1000 ℃ or higher. Therefore, the material does not emit toxic gases or flaming, delaying the combustion of the coated surface.

Contamination resistance

The coat surface is made of a high-density structure and hardened. As a result, the product prevents contaminants (such as mildew, or air pollutant) from being stuck on the surface.

Surface adhesion and wearing resistance

The coat is composed of nano silicon nitrate. As a result, the material sticks to the surface firmly and hardens, while providing a superb wearing resistance. This prevents wearing of the coat due to the wind, and unlike the organic painting materials, the thickness of the coat is well preserved, maintaining the reliability of the coat against UV, heat, and chemicals.


ROHS certification. Does not contain fluoric compounds or other heavy metals. Heat-insulated washing and water consumption reduction.

Specific heat capacity

The coat is made of nano inorganic material, providing a higher specific heat capacity. Therefore, it prevents a sharp temperature change on the surface below the coat, making it possible to prevent thermal deformation and enhance the heat insulation performance.

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