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Flourine Resin Painting

This painting process uses the fluorine resin paint, which has a symmetrical structure, for painting, which is followed by the baking process.

The superb molecular adhesion performance of the fluorine resin provides ultra-high resistance against the weather and chemicals.

High quality specialty painting with 20 years of weather-resistance

Types of fluorine resins: PVDF, FEVE

Powder coating

Powder coating process is mainly performed using 100% powder type polyester resin. The thickness of the coat is minimum 60um, and the coated surface provides superb qualities such as resistance against salt water, wearing, contamination, and electric voltage.

With the static powder coating method, a high adherence strength of the coat on the base surface can be expected.

The baking temperature is max. 200 ℃, with less influence on the strength of the base material.

As this process involves powder spraying, it cannot be applied on coils. This method can only be used on pre-fabricated components after they are finished.

Manufacturers of the powder coat materials: AKZO NOBEL, PPG, Jogwang Paint, KCC, and many others

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