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Anodized Aluminum sheet

Anodizing is a type of surface treatment process for aluminum. It involves coating of the surface using the oxidized layer that is formed on the surface of aluminum when it is exposed to oxygen, by triggering this process through electro-chemical reactions. Aluminum is connected to an electric pole and submerged into an ionized solution. And, then, the oxidized aluminum coat is placed evenly on the surface of the base material, and this process is called the bipolar oxidization coating process.

- Corrosion resistance                                                             - Hard                                      - Transparency

- Electric insulation and prevention of static charging             - Various colors and surface finishing

- No peeling of the surface, as the coat is fused into the based material as one.

Anodizing process

1. Mechanical pretreatment: Surface cleaned of the scratches, ground, and glossed.

2. Chemical and electric processing: The grease and contaminants on the surface are removed.

3. Oxidization coating process: Ionized oxidization process using the positive pole and ionized solution.

4. Coloring: The surface, which is porous, is painted using organic or inorganic paint material.

5. Sealing of the porous: The pin holes on the surface are filled up in the ionized state in order to enhance anti-corrosion performance.

6. Finishing: Finish grinding and washing



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